About the book

This book is to pay respect to the distinguished canine photographer, Anna Szabo’s astounding effort to help victims of the coronavirus pandemic. By the end of her charity project in Sweden in the sorrowful Spring of 2020, she had donated 10.500 euros to two hospitals in Hungary and The Kennel Club Charitable Trust.


It is to salute all those involved in the series of charity photo sessions. It is to follow Anna's journey and adventures through her breathtaking photographs, and to give you a glimpse into her life in our country. A story of kindness, redemption and extraordinary will-power.


The book features hundreds of photographs Ms Szabo took during her Charity project in Sweden, as well as a collection of her finest images from several other parts the world. It also contains various experts of the dog sport reflecting on pedigree dogs, so that we better understand the virtues that are to be appreciated in this exceptional collection of photographs.

  • Hardcover book

  • 232 pages long

  • Hundreds of photographs included



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An english cocker spaniel essay

By breed expert Kim Meyer from Australia

The author, Rebecca Govik of Allerts (a prefix her parents, Theres and Börje Johansson established and share with her) runs a Dog training & grooming center on the west coast of Sweden and is a mother of three. She has been successfully involved in exhibiting and promoting healthy pedigree dogs and is known for her selfless support of the up-and-coming young talents of the sport. She was one of Anna's 'charity clients' and eventually grew to be a very close friend of hers.

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