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The Winner Doesn't Always Take It All - A fascinating photo book of goodwill featuring the distinguished canine photographer, Anna Szabo’s Art for charity.


With all the class and elegance of table books, this collection of exceptional photographs offers not only the perfect amusement for your family and guests, but its story inspires and touches readers' hearts.


This book is to pay respect to Anna’s astounding effort to help victims of the coronavirus pandemic. By the end of her charity project in Sweden in the sorrowful Spring of 2020, she had donated 10.500 euros to two hospitals in Hungary and The Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

By purchasing this book, you further contribute to Anna and author Rebecca Govik's philanthropy, as a part of the income for the book will be donated to the university of Lund's faculty of medicine, dedicated to support their research on COVID-19.


"It's all but an everlasting fairy tale you see in my work, really. Should you wish to, you are most welcome to add your own chapter to it."


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